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Traci Cunningham

TMP Executive Director

Britnee Ohman

Executive Administrator

Amanda Travers

Information Specialist

Melissa Oden

Floating Assistant

Scarlett Mayfield

Event & PR Manager

Owen Chilton


Bryan Moore

Facility Coordinator

Pamela Hensley

Event Coordinator

Ariadne Alvidrez

Event Coordinator

Pearl the Squirrel

2024 SFEA Gold Kaleidoscope Award Winner for 


Oak Grove Tourism Commissioners

Oak Grove Tourism Commission Board meetings are held at 105 Walter Garrett Lane, Oak Grove, Kentucky on the second Tuesday of every month at noon.

  • Andy Wadhwa, Chairman
  • Paul Belmont, Vice Chairman
  • Elbert Moore, Treasurer
  • Nick Shah
  • Darren VanDover
  • Prashant Khetani
  • Fidy Lyons