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Film your Favorites in Oak Grove!

Kentucky's Tax Incentives blogger Erin explains, “Kentucky has a 30%-35% Nonrefundable and Nontransferable Tax Credit for Feature Films, Broadway Productions, Industrial Films, Documentaries, and Television Shows. Not to mention their low production costs, film-friendly communities, diverse landscapes and locations, low minimum spending to qualify, and their generous “2 years to start, 4 years to finish” agreement. Kentucky offers aggressive tax incentives for film production, making it one of the more affordable film production locations in the United States.”

Oak Grove, Kentucky - Enhanced Tax incentives Available

Oak Grove, KY is a prime filming location and located in an ENHANCED INCENTIVE COUNTY! In March 2018, Oak Grove was chosen as a filming location for the film “The Silent Natural.” With natural beauty, all the southern hospitality you can imagine, and being a member of the Southern Kentucky Film Commission, Oak Grove, Kentucky is the perfect choice for producers and directors to make their vision come to life!